Four essential appliances to rejuvenate your skin

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation refers to skin resurfacing and revitalizing techniques to give skin a more youthful, healthy appearance.We all have a skincare routine, even if it’s as basic as just applying moisturiser. There are many ways we can boost our skin and bring it back to its glory days – some are as simple as buying the right tool. Here are a few of the top toiletries that you should have to help your face and body.

1. Face sponge

This might just sound like any regular sponge that you use on your face, but a face sponge is specially designed to exfoliate your face. They are formulated to improve skin elasticity, allowing it to remain shapely while also improving your receptiveness to creams and other cosmetic products.

2. Face brush

It doesn’t hurt to focus on the face a bit more, given that it is effectively the core of our appearance – it is what everyone sees of us above all else. A face brush works along similar lines to the sponge but is designed for use with other cosmetic products. Cosmetic products, such as serums and moisturisers, will apply to your skin even better if applied with a face brush.

3. Body brush

The body brush is effectively the same as above but for the body. You probably already have something like this – but that does not make it any less critical to good skincare. As with the face brush, apply your regular cosmetic products and gently scrub across your skin to rejuvenate it.

4. Pumice stone

These special stones have been used for millennia to remove dead skin and callouses, most commonly on the soles of the feet. This might seem pointless, but flip flop weather will be coming in a few months, so you may as well help another part of you look pretty. Otherwise, they can be used on your elbows or even your hands. These are vital for anyone who wants good skin from head to toe – and Medescan has brought all four together in our Face & Body Rejuvenator, which can stand alongside our other innovative products with ease. The battery-powered motors offer a vigorous scrub, while the ergonomic shape and waterproof shell help clean any hard-to-reach places as you shower.