3 best ways to use your touchless thermometer for increased accuracy

A touchless thermometer offers an amazing upgrade when compared to traditional thermometers. They’re quick, easy to use and contact-free. However, the advantages are quickly lost if your touchless thermometer is not used correctly. Here are three tips to optimise touchless thermometers performance.

1. Avoid weather impact

If left in direct sunlight or a cold environment for too long, your touchless thermometers will be impacted by external conditions. This could lead to a higher or lower reading. For best usage, ensure that your thermometer is placed in a draft-free space and out of the sun. This allows for more accurate readings and ensures that external impacts are minimised.

2. Hold it in a perpendicular position

There are many areas that you can test with a touchless thermometer, from your forehead and wrist to your armpit and food! However, no matter what you are temperature testing, it is important to ensure that your touchless thermometer is held perpendicular to the surface. As well as maintaining this position, a specific distance-to-spot ratio must also be maintained. The closer you get, the smaller the surface area will be, which allows for increased accuracy. We recommend standing 6-8 cm away and scanning the body part which is least affected by outside temperatures. This is usually the wrist.

3. Take care not to touch the sensor area

Touching your thermometer sensor during the detecting process can lead to improper results. The touchless device must also be free from dirt, debris, dust, smoke, and moisture. You should aim to clean your touchless thermometer every six months to prevent dirt build-up. We recommend that you use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and water to gently clean the surface. That way, your touchless thermometer is less likely to get scratches and retain its optimal efficiency. Touchless thermometers are increasingly popular given the onset of COVID-19 guidelines. With these tips on how to best use your touchless thermometers, you can ensure that you remain safe and healthy all year round. Medescan offers a wide range of touchless thermometers for you to choose from. View the Medescan Thermometer collection for more information about specific products.