Five reasons for owning a touchless baby thermometer

It’s the middle of the night. Your baby is awake, and crying. You’re exhausted, worried and confused. Is your little one sick, or are they just hot from crying? Should you call a late-night doctor now, or wait for morning? These late, scary nights are something all parents experience. Trying to determine if your little one has a fever is an important first step in managing their illness. Here are five reasons why a touchless baby thermometer, in these circumstances, is your best friend.

1. It is indeed, as the name states, touchless

The last thing a sick, cranky child wants is to be poked and prodded with a baby thermometer. Good luck getting a sick child to hold still for a traditional baby thermometer, even if it’s a fast-reading digital kind. This is why a touchless thermometer – held a short but definite distance from their forehead – is ideal. You can even use it while they’re asleep.

2. It’s quick

A touchless thermometer will accurately read temperature in less than a second. There’s no having to force, or beg, your little one to remain still while it’s working.

3. It’s easy to use and read

All you have to do is point the touchless thermometer in the correct place (an inch from the child’s right temple) and press the button. As well as the specific numbers, a green light will flash for normal temperature, orange for above normal and red for fever. Some touchless thermometers also have an automated voice to read out the precise temperature for you. You can easily use it in a darkened room.

4. It’s hygienic

Worried that you, your partner, or another child are getting sick? You can quickly take everyone’s temperature with a touchless thermometer, without having to sterilise it in between.

5. It’s multipurpose

Many touchless thermometers can also be used to quickly test the temperature for baby formula and bathwater – a wonderful and quick way to ensure extra safety.A touchless thermometer is a fast, reliable and gentle way to monitor your child’s temperature. View the Medescan Thermometer Collection to see our range of high-quality infrared touchless thermometers.