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Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Experience enhanced air quality and comfort with the Medescan Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, featuring silent operation, aromatherapy integration, and a soothing seven-colour LED night light.
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Discover the refreshing benefits of the Medescan Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, designed to enhance your home environment by alleviating dry conditions. This superior humidifier ensures your living space remains a comfortable refuge, maintaining an optimal level of humidity for healthier breathing and skin.

✅ Continuous Comfort: Our user-friendly humidifier guarantees up to 20 hours of uninterrupted operation, banishing dry air to help alleviate congestion, dry skin, and improve overall air quality.

✅ Aromatherapy Option: Elevate your environment by adding your preferred essential oils to the integrated aroma oil tray. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your favourite scents with the simple press of a button.

✅ Silent Operation: Experience restful nights thanks to the humidifier's whisper-quiet technology, making it perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where peace and quiet are cherished.

✅ Soothing Ambiance: Features a seven-color LED night light to create a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for unwinding or as a comforting glow throughout the night.

✅ Ample Capacity: The 2.8-litre tank provides long-lasting humidity control, allowing for approximately 10 hours of use at maximum flow rate or 20 hours at a lower setting, reducing the need for frequent refills.

✅ Sleek and Portable: With dimensions of 200mm W x 207mm D x 291mm H and a weight of just 0.98kg, this compact and lightweight humidifier fits seamlessly into any room.

Opt for the Medescan Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier to maintain a balanced, pleasant, and healthy atmosphere in your home, regardless of the season.

How To Use

Preparing the Humidifier:

  • Place the humidifier on a flat, stable surface near an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure the water tank is clean and free from any residue.

Filling the Water Tank:

  1. Remove the water tank from the humidifier base.
  2. Open the tank's lid or top cover.
  3. Fill the water tank with clean, cool, and preferably distilled water. Avoid using hot or boiling water.
  4. Be mindful not to overfill; there is often a maximum fill line indicated on the tank.

Optional Aromatherapy:

Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the tray. Do not directly add the oil to the water tank.

Assembling the Humidifier:

Place the filled water tank back onto the humidifier base, ensuring it is securely seated.

Powering On the Humidifier:

  1. Turn the dial to "on" to power up.
  2. You can adjust the flow level depending on the room size.

Powering Off and Refilling:

When the water level in the tank is low, the humidifier may automatically shut off, or you can turn it off manually.

To refill the tank, power off the humidifier, unplug it, and follow steps 2-4 again.

Download Instructions Manual

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Why isn’t the humidifier blowing out much vapor?

Enjoy a steady stream of soothing vapor by checking the variable control knob is on the correct setting, and ensuring the oscillator is cleaned as well as the water tank is filled with fresh water.

The humidifier is leaking?

Avoid leaks by ensuring the filter cap is tight and the water tank is inserted correctly. If you are still experiencing leaks, please scan the QR code on the back of the box to watch our instructional video on how to set up your humidifier.

Why is the humidifier leaving lots of water around it or on my walls?

Eliminate water damage by adjusting the air flow setting to the lowest setting for a standard room. If you have a larger space, you can adjust the setting higher.

How often should I replace the water filter?

Keep your humidifier running smoothly and efficiently by replacing the water filter every 500 hours (every 3 months of 8 hours daily use). You can purchased one here.

Why does my humidifier have an odd smell?

Enjoy a fresh and clean scent in your home by using distilled water in your humidifier. Tap water can sometimes contain minerals that can cause a bad reaction with the humidifier, resulting in an odd smell.

Where do I pour the essential oils?

Add a touch of aromatherapy to your home by using the MEDESCAN special blend oil directly in the water tank. If you are using any other essential oil, please ensure you are using the tray located at the base of the Rainbow Mist.

How can I change the colour on my Rainbow Mist?

Enjoy a calming and relaxing atmosphere by changing the colour of your Rainbow Mist. Simply press the LED ON/OFF button to cycle through the 7 different colours, or hold the button down to select your favourite colour.

My Rainbow Mist looks like it is melting on the inside?

This is not because of heat, but actually if you have used essential oils that are not suited for this humidifier in the water instead of the tray in the back. If this has happened please contact customer support for replacing the bowl.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gee M. (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Love it, use it every night.
Only thing is itsbig and you carry thr whole thing to refil and gets dirty quickly. Have to do regular cleaning. Wish it came with compatible brush.

Jeff C. (Sydney, AU)
Great Product

Purchased to help my asthma and blocked sinuses, works really well and helps me sleep at night, highly recommend this humidifier. I use it just with water, no oils. The cool mist has a really strong flow and whisper quiet, makes no noise at all.

Magda L. (Sydney, AU)
powerful and effective

This has made such a huge difference when my heater is on in the winter. The air is perfectly humidified and I've stopped getting sore eyes and dry nose. Love that it also has a diffuser aspect where you can choose to use essential oils. The LED light is great as a night light and sometimes I just turn it on as I go to sleep without the humidifier running because of its lovely colours. Would recommend to everyone.

Naren (Sydney, AU)
Functional, aesthetically pleasing

The humidifier is quiet and does a good job of providing enough humidity for a 300 sq ft bedroom. My dad has COPD and raising the humidity of the room helps his breathing. He’s started to sleep well at night. The colors serve as a convenient night light.
My 10 year old niece absolutely loves the changing colors and wants one for her room.

Wiranya B. (Melbourne, AU)

Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Leanne C. (Melbourne, AU)
Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

I love it, I no longer wake up with a dry throat.

Em M. (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic humidifier ideal for curing salami

Bought this as humidifier for salami curing fridge. Works perfect with humidity controller having manual on off switch and controller dial for high and low settings.

Liz (Melbourne, AU)
Medescan Rainbow Humidifier

Perfect, no need to use the oil pad though - that gives off no smell and just absorbs the oil. Use without the pads and it is perfect.

June M.B. (Sydney, AU)
Nosebleed sufferer

Easy to fill, nice clours and less nosebleeds from cold dry air.

Lucy (Melbourne, AU)
Great product

Works great. Great price. Fortunately the colours can be steady or off. I wish I could turn it a little lower but it is variable and can be nice and strong. The output is mist as described.