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Nail cutting is made easy with Medescan's L'il Nail Buffer. Designed for the safe and gentle trimming of delicate nails, making it ideal for use on babies and suitable for all...

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Nail cutting is made easy with Medescan's L'il Nail Buffer. Designed for the safe and gentle trimming of delicate nails, making it ideal for use on babies and suitable for all ages. This product features an almost silent operation and is equipped with an LED light for added safety. It comes with five different buffer heads to cater to various ages, ensuring versatility. The package includes a convenient and stylish carry case with a handy strap, a clean protective cover, and batteries (2 x AA) are provided for immediate use. This nail buffer combines ease of use with safety, making it a perfect tool for family nail care.

✅ Enhanced Safety: Designed for gentle use, reducing the risk of injury.
✅ Quiet and Stress-Free: Its near-silent operation minimises disturbance, ideal for use on babies.
✅ Precision and Visibility: The LED light aids in precise trimming, especially in low light conditions.
✅ Versatile Use: Five different buffer heads suitable for all ages.
 Portability: Comes with a stylish case, making it easy to carry and store.
 Ready to Use: Includes batteries for immediate operation.

How To Use
1. Select the Appropriate Buffer Head: Choose a buffer head that is suitable for the age and nail type.
2. Insert Batteries: Make sure 2 AA batteries are properly installed in the device.
3. Turn On the Device: Switch on the buffer. The LED light will automatically illuminate for better visibility.
4. Gentle Buffing: Gently move the buffer across the nail's surface to trim and smooth the nails as desired.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What age is the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer appropriate for?

The Medescan L'il Nail Buffer is safe for newborns, infants, and toddlers. It’s designed to be gentle enough for the delicate nails of babies.

How do I use the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer on my baby’s nails?

To use the nail buffer, simply attach the appropriate file head, turn on the device, and gently press it against the nail. Move the buffer in a soft, circular motion to smooth and shape the nails.

Can the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer be used on both fingernails and toenails?

Yes, the nail buffer is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. Just ensure you are using the correct attachment and speed setting for each.

What safety features does the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer have?

The nail buffer features a quick-stop function to prevent injury, and its ergonomic design ensures it is easy to hold and maneuver without slipping.

How often should I replace the filing attachments?

The longevity of the filing attachments depends on how often you use them. It is recommended to replace them when you notice they are becoming dull or less effective, typically every few months.

Is the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer rechargeable or battery-operated?

The Medescan L'il Nail Buffer is battery-operated for portability and ease of use. Make sure to check the battery regularly and replace it when needed.

How do I clean the Medescan L'il Nail Buffer?

To clean the buffer, turn off the device and remove the attachment. Wipe the main unit with a soft, dry cloth and wash the attachments with warm soapy water. Make sure the attachments are dry before reattaching them to the device.

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