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The Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor offers precise and convenient readings with features such as Intelligent Averages, automatic inflation and deflation, automatic shut-off, memory storage, and an Arrhythmia monitor.
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Elevate your health monitoring with the Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, engineered for unmatched accuracy and convenience. This cutting-edge device integrates Intelligent Averages technology, which enhances precision by calculating the average of multiple measurements to provide you with the most accurate reading possible.

Key Features:

✅ Intelligent Averages Technology: Ensures that each reading is exceptionally precise by averaging multiple measurements, giving you a clearer understanding of your true blood pressure levels.
✅ Enhanced Memory Capacity: Keep track of your health trends with the ability to store up to 240 measurements (2 x 120 memory sets) for comprehensive monitoring over time.
Arrhythmia Monitoring: Our advanced Arrhythmia monitor alerts you to any heart rate irregularities, providing an extra layer of security in your health regimen.
Automatic Functionality: Features automatic inflation and deflation for easy operation, coupled with an automatic shut-off to conserve battery life and enhance user convenience.
Patented Measurement Technology: Utilises proprietary technology to guarantee that each pulse and blood pressure reading is both accurate and reliable.
Comprehensive Health Tracking: Measures both blood pressure and pulse, allowing you to manage your cardiovascular health effectively.

Choose the Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for a superior monitoring experience that combines the latest in health technology with simple, user-friendly operation. Ideal for those who prioritise precision and convenience in managing their blood pressure and heart health. Trust Medescan to keep you well-informed and proactive about your health.

How To Use
An overview of our how-to-use details are below. For more information View Our Instructions Manual

Simple Steps to Use the Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Setup Your Monitor:
    • Insert 3 AA batteries into the battery compartment or connect the monitor to a power source using the AC adapter.
    • If using for the first time, set up the user profile (User A or User B) by pressing the SET button for 3 seconds, then use the MEM button to choose the user and confirm with the SET button.
    • Adjust the date and time by pressing the MEM button to select the correct values and confirm each with the SET button.
  2. Prepare for Measurement:
    • Before measuring, rest for at least 10 minutes. Avoid eating, smoking, or any exertion as these can affect the reading.
    • Ensure the monitor cuff is placed on a bare arm without any tight-fitting clothing.
    • Attach the cuff to your upper arm, positioning it approximately 2-3 cm above your elbow with the tubing running down the inside of your arm.
  3. Taking a Measurement:
    • Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and your back supported. Place your arm on a table so the cuff is level with your heart.
    • Press the START/STOP button to begin inflating the cuff. Remain still and silent during this process.
    • The monitor will automatically inflate and then slowly deflate. During this time, a heart symbol may flash on the display indicating that your pulse is being detected.
    • Once the measurement is complete, your blood pressure and pulse readings will be displayed on the monitor.
  4. Review Your Results:
    • The display will show your systolic and diastolic pressures along with your pulse rate. These results are also automatically stored in the monitor’s memory under the selected user profile.
    • To view previous readings, press the Memory button. Use the same button to scroll through stored readings.
  5. Turn Off the Monitor:
    • The device will automatically turn off after 60 seconds of inactivity. Alternatively, you can press the START/STOP button to turn it off immediately after your reading.
  6. Care and Maintenance:
    • Keep the device and cuff clean by wiping them with a dry cloth and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture.
    • Regularly check the device for any signs of damage or irregular performance.

These steps should help you effectively use your Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor to keep track of your health efficiently and accurately. Remember to consult your healthcare provider for interpretation of your blood pressure readings and follow any medical advice provided.

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What are some common errors that can occur when using a blood pressure monitor?

1. Not sitting still during the measurement. 2. Talking during the measurement. 3. Not having the cuff the correct size. 4. Not using the monitor properly.

Does this come with a larger cuff size?

We apologize that the blood pressure monitor does not currently come with a larger cuff size. However, we are looking into creating a larger size in the future. In the meantime, if you need a larger cuff size, we recommend that you contact your doctor or a medical supply store.

My cuff on the Blood Pressure Monitor won't inflate or deflate?

There are a few reasons why the cuff on your blood pressure monitor may not be inflating or deflating. First, please check that all attachments are connected correctly. Second, make sure that the machine is on and working properly. If the problem persists, please contact customer support for assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joani n.
Highly Recommend ~~

I recently purchased this Medescan Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. The entire measurement process is both fast and comfortable, making it a breeze to use regularly. The monitor provides accurate readings quickly, which is essential for keeping track of blood pressure consistently.

My mother also loves it, finding it very user-friendly and easy to operate. The clear display and straightforward instructions make it accessible for anyone, regardless of their technical skills. The cuff is comfortable and fits well, ensuring a pleasant experience every time we use it.

Overall, this digital blood pressure monitor has exceeded our expectations in terms of speed, comfort, and ease of use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Kathleen R. (Sydney, AU)
Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Very happy with my purchase, I can keep an eye on my husband BP and everything else you can do with this machine highly recommended