L'il Booger Buster

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Keep your little one's nose clean and clear from congestion with the Medescan L'il Booger Buster, a gentle and rechargeable nasal aspirator crafted for newborns and toddlers. It offers adjustable suction levels and includes a built-in LED light, ensuring safe and efficient relief from nasal congestion.
Fast Relief
100% Natural

Keep your baby's nasal passages clear with the Medescan L'il Booger Buster, an all-natural and safe nasal aspirator designed for babies from birth. This gentle yet effective device is your go-to solution for relieving nasal congestion in infants and toddlers.

Dual Suction Levels: Choose from two power settings to find the most comfortable and effective suction for your baby's needs.
Medical Grade Silicone Tips: Includes two interchangeable tips to ensure a gentle and secure fit for newborns and older babies.
Built-in LED Light: The LED light enhances visibility, making it easier to see and clear out nasal blockages effectively during use.
Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy up to 60 minutes of continuous use with a handy rechargeable battery, ensuring it’s always ready when you need it.
Hygienic Storage: Comes with a cap to keep the nozzles clean and sanitary between uses, maintaining hygiene and convenience.

Easy and Safe to Use:

The L'il Booger Buster is designed with your baby’s safety in mind, featuring an automatic shut-off function to prevent overuse. Its user-friendly controls include a simple one-button operation to switch between low and high suction levels, and an LED light control to make nighttime usage hassle-free.

Perfect for on-the-go parents, the lightweight and portable design makes the L'il Booger Buster an essential item in your baby care arsenal. Whether at home or travelling, you can always ensure your little one breathes comfortably. Invest in the Medescan L'il Booger Buster for a clean, happy nose every time.

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    How To Use
    An overview of our how-to-use details are below. For more information View Our Instructions Manual

    How to Use the Medescan L'il Booger Buster

    Step 1: Preparation

    • Ensure the L'il Booger Buster is fully charged.
    • Select the appropriate nozzle based on your baby's age: smaller for 0-6 months, larger for 6+ months.
    • Attach the chosen nozzle securely to the device.

    Step 2: Starting the Device

    • Press the power button to turn on the L'il Booger Buster. The LED indicator will light up green, indicating the device is on the low power setting.
    • If needed, press the "Suction Level" button to switch to high power (LED indicator will turn blue). Press again to return to low power.

    Step 3: Using the LED Light

    • Press the LED button to cycle through different light colors if required. This can be helpful for better visibility, especially in low light conditions. Press the LED button again to stop cycling through the lights.

    Step 4: Clearing Nasal Congestion

    • Gently place the nozzle at the entrance of your baby’s nostril.
    • Allow the device to gently suck out the mucus. Be careful not to insert the nozzle too far into the nostril.
    • If the suction level is too high or if your baby is distressed, switch back to the low power setting.

    Step 5: Finishing Up

    • Once you have finished, turn the device off by pressing the power button.
    • Remove the nozzle and waste tank.
    • Clean the nozzle and tank thoroughly with warm water and a mild detergent or place them in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

    Step 6: Recharging

    • When the battery is low, the LED indicator will flash red twice and then the unit will power off.
    • Recharge the device by plugging the supplied USB cable into the charging port and connecting it to a 5V power adapter (1A recommended).

    Step 7: Storing the Device

    • After the device and all components are dry, reassemble and store in a clean, dry place.
    • Use the handy cap to cover the nozzles, ensuring they remain clean and ready for next use.
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    How do I clean my L'il Booger Buster?

    To keep your L'il Booger Buster clean and sanitary, please follow these easy steps: 1. Once the waste tank is filled, remove the nozzle and tank from the main unit. 2. Wash the nozzle and tank with warm water and mild detergent. 3. Wipe the main unit with a dry cloth. 4. The nozzle and tank are also dishwasher safe.

    How often should I clean my L'il Booger Buster?

    For optimal performance and hygiene, we recommend cleaning your L'il Booger Buster after every use.

    Why has the L'il Booger Buster lost suction when in use?

    There are a few possible reasons why your L'il Booger Buster might have lost suction. One possibility is that fluid has gotten under the filter, which can prevent the filter from working properly. To fix this, simply clean the buster and replace the filter with one of the spare filters we have supplied. Another possibility is that the batteries are low. If the batteries are low, the suction will be weak. To fix this, simply replace the batteries. Finally, it is also possible that the suction cup is not properly attached to the nose. If the suction cup is not properly attached, the suction will be weak. To fix this, simply reattach the suction cup to the nose.

    What age is the L'il Booger Buster suitable for?

    The L'il Booger Buster is suitable for babies and children of all ages. However, it is important to supervise children when using the L'il Booger Buster to ensure that they do not hurt themselves.

    What are the two power suction levels on the L'il Booger Buster?

    The two power suction levels on the L'il Booger Buster are Low and High. The Low suction level is ideal for babies and young children, while the High suction level is ideal for older children.

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