Everything you need to know about touchless thermometers

Touchless thermometers are some of the best medical tools to have on hand. According to a scientific study on the effectiveness of touchless thermometers, sensitivity has been shown to reach an extremely high accuracy rating of 97%. Still don’t believe us? Check out this small blog post on their benefits and features.

1. Health benefits of touchless thermometers

Touchless thermometers offer a whole host of benefits, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do they read temperatures quickly and provide accurate results, helping doctors understand patients' symptoms, but they also protect users from potentially contracting coronavirus or other viral illnesses. These devices can be operated from a distance, allowing doctors and patients to stay apart.

2. Features of touchless thermometers

Touchless thermometers are ideal for use in hospitals, places of work, schools, and even in the home thanks to their features, which include:

- Remembering the last 32 temperature recordings, saving you from having to record each temperature using a pen and paper. This can speed up the process too, especially in offices and restaurants with high footfall.

- They aren't affected by room temperature, so they will take accurate body recordings.

- They offer a quick reading time. Thanks to infrared technology, they provide readings in under a second.

- Offer voice readings for the visually impaired.

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3. Comparing products to the Touchless Thermometer

Traditional thermometers simply don’t match up to touchless thermometers. The results aren’t as accurate as it can be harder to read them and they are also much slower to operate.

4. How to use a touchless thermometer

To begin using a touchless thermometer, you first need to turn it on by pressing the ‘Scan’ button. Then, choose the ‘Surface’, ‘Body’, or ‘Room’ temperature options, depending on which one you wish to use. The ‘Mode’ button allows you to flick between these three settings. For human use, hold the thermometer within 5cm of the right temple and press ‘Scan’ to read. With a colour-coded LED screen, you’ll quickly get a visual representation of the result.

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