Are touchless thermometers ideal for use in schools

Touchless thermometers are must-have products in schools, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. They offer numerous health benefits that are backed up by reputable statistics and they simply outperform similar products on the market. To convince you of this, our experts at Medescan have compiled this short blog post.

1. Health benefits of touchless thermometers in schools

Touchless thermometers in schools can help limit the spread of the coronavirus. They can get accurate results in seconds – as an increased temperature is a symptom of the illness – which means that you can not only protect yourself but also the rest of your students if there are positive cases.

2. Features of touchless thermometers which make them perfect for use in schools

The Medescan Multifunction Touchless & Ear Thermometer can record and hold up to 32 readings, meaning it’s ideal for use in schools as it can be used in quick succession on a whole class without having to stop and note down each reading.

3. Health stats of touchless thermometers

The touchless thermometer has an impressive accuracy rating of 97% in terms of sensitivity and specificity, which means that if you get a high result, it’s important to take it seriously and follow all the necessary precautions – it’s unlikely to be a fluke!

4. Comparing other products to touchless thermometers

Touchless thermometers are much more accurate than oral thermometers, for example. They can pick up readings in seconds, without interruption from a child shaking their head. They are also much more sanitary tools to use in schools as you don’t have to wipe them down between uses or worry about transferring saliva.

5. Best ways to use touchless thermometers in schools

The best way to use a touchless thermometer in school is to position the device 5 cm away from the student’s right temple and press the scan button so it gives you an accurate reading. For more information on why a touchless thermometer is perfect for use in schools, feel free to contact a member of our expert team at Medescan today.