5 benefits of using hand sanitiser

With our hands coming into contact with so many surfaces, people, and germs a day, it’s vital that we wash them with soap and water in order to clean them; however, this may not always be possible. So, another option is to use a hand sanitiser. Read on to know our top 5 benefits of using a hand sanitiser.

1. Portable

From your glove compartment and your bag to your coat or pant pocket, hand sanitisers are easy to carry around with you. They’re ideal for situations where the queues are too long or when there isn’t a sink for you to wash your hands in. Hand sanitisers are also perfect if you’re thinking about having a snack at a festival or when you’ve just left the shopping centre.

2. Cleanliness

This is an obvious one – the primary purpose of a hand sanitiser is to sanitise. Not only is a hand sanitiser created to kill germs, but it could even get rid of 99.9% of bacteria on your hands.

3. Hand sanitiser is a go-to if you’re in a group setting

As there are more people in an office or classroom, germs spread a lot faster. For this reason, office workers, teachers, and students should be using hand sanitiser. Not only will it kill germs throughout the day, but it’ll save you time since you won’t have to leave your office or classroom every time you want to wash your hands.

4. Softer hands

Did you know hand sanitisers that don’t contain alcohol could leave your hands feeling softer? Try to avoid alcohol-based hand sanitisers if you’ve got sensitive or dry skin as they strip away your skin’s natural oils and could also cause your skin to crack.

5. Reduce chances of disease

Reduce your exposure to other people’s germs with a hand sanitiser – especially during the flu season. Even a quick visit to your friend’s house could expose you to a number of germs that could leave you unwell.

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